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Short Sale Cooperative is an organization founded by REALTORS®, for REALTORS®. We understand your expectations (and how to exceed them) in a way that other short sale firms never will. We offer much more than short sale negotiation. Short Sale Cooperative is a start-to-finish, short sale listing management solution. To ensure the success of every short sale, we handle virtually every aspect of the

transaction, so you can focus on your real job - providing superior real estate service to your clients. We handle everything from initial consultations to document collection, communication with all parties and, of course, negotiations. We even manage closing coordination. And all with a dedication to the homeowner that is unparalleled in this industry.


Better contracts for more committed buyers

We protect our homeowners and REALTORS® by ensuring that no frivolous offers are ever accepted for your transactions. Our Exclusive Short Sale Addendum sets fair guidelines for every buyer that balance the scales, once and for all. No more terminations after approval or withdrawals after just a couple of weeks… we close the gaps that are left by most state’s short sale addenda and protect the closing of the sale for you and the homeowner.


Is your license in danger?

Real Estate Commissions across the country, Attorneys General, and even the FTC have all said that negotiating debt requires a lawyer, period.

You might be able to give an offer to the bank and say, “What do you think?” …but if you plan to aggressively defend your client’s interests, dispute valuations, or negotiate anything at all, you may want to consider speaking with your attorney regarding laws and regulations.

We estimate that at least 50% of the REALTORS® we talk to are crossing the line without even knowing it. In a market where GOOD agents get sued every day by confused clients, you can never be too careful and the real value of attorney involvement can be priceless.

Fast-tracked short sale closings

Working with Short Sale Cooperative will absolutely speed up your short sale and reduce the length it takes to get to closing. We make the difference, beginning with the very first contact and with every single update you receive. Our systems and procedures are designed to anticipate every detail and to avoid every problem that causes additional delays.

We don’t wait for the bank to tell us anything, we already know what they need in advance. Down to the smallest detail, our proactive approach saves valuable time for every transaction. From days to weeks, even months – your short sale will close faster with Short Sale Cooperative.


Our technology saves you time and money

We get it... we don't like wasting time on things, either.

Our proprietary software is the most efficient & effective for short sale processing, anywhere in the world. This saves everyone money and allows us to offer everything we do at absolutely no cost to the homeowner, ever.

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